How to use your UBI

SAVINGS - Make savings your future needs. Valora has a reward program - The Supercharge Rewards Program - that gives you 50% annually when you hold a minimum of 10 cUSD in your balance. Check all the information in your Valora account.
SHOPPING - Valora has Partners in your country where you can shop directly with cUDS. Go to your Valora account - choose the menu to withdraw funds - Gift Cards and Mobile Top Up. Select your country and check what is available.
TRANSFERS - If you need to transfer money is almost free. Go to your Valora account - click on Send - on the option "to", paste the Valora account of the receiver, and send the amount that you want in seconds. LOCAL SHOPPING - Buy your basic goods with cUDS. Encourage your local merchants to accept cUSD as a means of payment for basic goods or at least half of the total amount of your purchases.
INVESTMENTS - Do money from money. Valora account allows you to buy Celo cryptocurrency, but since this is an investment, there are risks of total losses. It all depends on the market. Learn about it first.
CASH-OUT - Exchange cUDS for your local currency. For that, you need to use an online exchange. You can check on our website the exchanges available in your country or ask for support from your community manager.

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