How to apply a community?

If you have a proposal to create a UBI community in your country or region, please, read it carefully and fill in this form.

As a Community Manager, you can apply to your community (tap the blue button "Apply Community"). If approved, you can immediately start adding the community beneficiaries who will have access to the funds deposited in that community, equally for everyone.

Apply Community

The process of applying is extremely simple as you just need to fill out a form with: Community

  • Name

  • Short description

  • Cover image

  • Manager profile photo

  • City

  • Country

  • Email

Contract Details ( Rules for accessing funds. As an example, each beneficiary can request $1 / day until they accumulate a maximum of $ 500)

  • Amount per claim

  • Claim Frequency (Daily or Weekly)

  • Total claim amount per beneficiary

  • Total increment after each claim (Minutes or Hours)

Accepted Communities

After a community gets accepted by impactMarket, a contract is created and submitted on the Celo blockchain with the data we get from the form. After this, the community manager will be notified by email and push notification on the impactMarket app and can immediately start managing the community and doing things like

  • Adding or Removing beneficiaries;

  • Adding or Removing Managers;

  • Edit the public information about the community like Name, Short Description, Cover image, City, Country.

  • Ensure there are funds available for the community.

Please consider that impactMarket follows a growth framework that allows us to prioritize first the most needed and do better management of our donations.

You can check the entire methodology in this article.

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