Welcome to impactMarket 💙

impactMarket, the human empowerment protocol, provides accessible financial solutions and knowledge to empower underprivileged people all over the world, unlocking opportunities and human potential. Transparent, reliable, and inclusive, enabling financial independence and literacy for all.
We empower people to take ownership of their choices, their money, and their lives. People now can Dare to Dream and believe they can make their dreams a reality.

We are investing in the most valuable asset: PEOPLE

Povoado de Jaguara - UBI Community in Brazil | impactMarket
We are unleashing new untapped markets and stimulating local economies by enabling inclusive access to finance and literacy to underprivileged communities, quickly scaling to reach more people, and being an industry reference for social good. For more inspiring videos, please visit our Youtube Channel.

An open and borderless way of empowerment

It's innovative to provide life-changing support worldwide through an impactful web3 solution, unlocking new markets while empowering people in need. impactMarket has one of the world's biggest blockchain-driven UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) programs. We are supporting over 46,000 people with UBI in almost 30 countries. Follow our impactful results on our on-chain dashboard, where you can learn about the impact we have on all communities we support.

Discover our impactful solutions

Our products are accessible to everyone, considering different countries and cultures, languages, ages, levels of digital and financial literacy, access to technology, and other needs. That includes:
  • $PACT, our governance token, which you can get as a reward when donating to the UBI communities and stake to get even more rewards.
also coming soon:
  • Our Wallet: With pilots occurring now, we plan to roll out to the world in the next weeks.
  • Micro-Credit: Pilots already starting in Brazil.
  • Learn&Earn: Currently under development.
  • Impact Measurement: Currently under development.

Dream with us! How to join our mission

Donate to the UBI communities and get PACT rewards.
Follow impactMarket on social media and spread the word about our impact to engage your family and friends!
If you are a company, foundation, brand, or influencer, please contact us to learn more about how to involve your employees, customers, or community in social initiatives, in a completely transparent and measurable way.
You can contact us through our social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and by joining the conversation on Telegram and Discord.

Dare to Dream with us that a better world for all is possible. Together, we can make a difference! 💙

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