impactMarket UBI Ecosystem

There are 4 different roles on impactMarket:

  • Community Manager: The person who submits the community for approval and manages all the community's beneficiaries. Other managers can be added to a community to support the beneficiaries. Apply now to create a community.

  • Beneficiary: The person added to an existing community who will be able to claim the UBI.

  • Donors: Those contributing and helping communities to strive and those who dare to dream.

  • Merchants: Entities that will sell goods (food, electricity, water, etc.) to beneficiaries in exchange for cUSD.

How we raise funds

  • Foundations/Grants: Our fundraising team works directly with foundations and applies for multiple grants.

  • Companies: Collaborations as part of their strategy of social responsibility.

  • Partners: We count on several mission-aligned web3 projects that donate part of their profits to impactMarket communities.

  • NGOs: Many organizations use our protocol to distribute their own funds and/or support us in fundraising for their communities.

  • Individuals: Donating to the communities; supporting crowdfunding campaigns; highlighting our communities on their social media; etc

How UBI is donated and then distributed

The inflow of UBI Funds:

There are two ways one can donate to impactMarket’s UBI communities: Either to the community directly, or to the treasury (i.e. community fund that’s made available to all communities). From the treasury, community managers are able to request funds from it for their communities. When the request hits the treasury, the amount is calculated and replenishes the community smart contract with what is required, allowing beneficiaries to then claim. When the community is created, there are 7 parameters considered:

  • Amount per claim: the amount a beneficiary receives each time they initiate a claim. E.g.: $1.

  • Maximum claim amount: the maximum a beneficiary can receive. Eg: $400

  • Decrease step amount: amount decreased from "maximum claim amount" per each beneficiary added. E.g.: $0.01.

  • Base claim interval: Base interval is used to calculate the time before the next claim. E.g.: daily, weekly.

  • Increment claim interval: Increment interval used to calculate the next claim. E.g.: 1 minute, 5 minutes.

  • Minimum tranche: The minimum amount a community will receive when requesting funds. Eg: $100.

  • Maximum tranche: The maximum amount a community will receive when requesting funds. E.g.: $5000.

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