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The community UBI for Ukraine was created to support people directly affected by the war in Ukraine, which started in February 2022. People like Yeva, who shares her story with us:

"My name is Yeva and I'm 20 years old. I'm a fourth-grade student at the University of Kharkiv (this is my origin city in the east of Ukraine). My family consists of me, my mum, and younger siblings (16 and 14). Before the war, I had been working as a language tutor for children and adults. This gave me an opportunity to help my family since my mother has no permanent job. When the war started, I had saved funds that helped us get through the first few weeks. During this time, we were evacuated first to Western Ukraine, and then to Belgium. The process of obtaining social aid here is very long because the local states are overloaded due to a large influx of refugees. We are here for almost two months and still have not received financial assistance. In addition, because of the war, many of my students were not able to pay for lessons - someone lost a job, someone was unable to due to the fact that there is no safe place. The main way to make ends meet at that time was the help of our friends and payments from UBI. For 1.5 months now I have been claiming funds every week, but I have not used them. And so it happened that by the time my savings for the family had already run out, about 100 euros from UBI had already accumulated in my account. It allowed us to buy some school supplies for my siblings and solve some health problems. At the moment, for the second week, I can not claim money, since the community ran out of funds, but I am very grateful for the support that they gave us, and I feel the help of everyone who is involved in this".

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In war, children are the most vulnerable! In Ukraine, between the 7.1M internally displaced is estimated that 2.8M are children.

Iryna is from Zaporizhzhya, and she left her hometown with this in mind “is just for some weeks”. Now, she is changing her life. She has a son with 4 years old, and her next plan is to travel to the United Kingdom through a program for refugees and wait for peace in Ukraine.UBI is helping her with food and getting some basic clothes since they left home just with some winter clothes and the hope to come back soon.

Let´s keep supporting Iryna to protect her family:

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