ZIMBABWE- Kunzwana Women's Association,

Most Kunzwana members are drawn from former farmworkers who lost their livelihood and homes during the government-led Commercial Farm confiscations in 2002. Four thousand (4000) large-scale farms were forcefully and violently taken over by the government, leaving 2 million farmworkers homeless and without jobs throughout Zimbabwe. Kunzwana facilitated the integration of former farm workers into nearby villages. Those registered with Kunzwana have been offered new skills at the Mationesa Skills Training Centre in Macheke. They have been assisted in starting a new life, different from the farming community. They also received psychological support and information on family laws.

Several women have now procured seeds, fertilizers, garden tools, knapsacks, and fencing to increase their horticulture businesses’ productivity. Some women are exploring venture into Ware-Housing since retail shops are far away in urban centers. Given the pandemic, women have included cultivating immune-boosting herbs since COVID-19 vaccines are not available to everyone in Zimbabwe. Currently, only 3% of the population has been vaccinated against COVID-19, including those who are mainly in urban areas and front-line workers.

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