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Financial literacy is a key element to achieving independence and security by providing the awareness and skills needed to make informed decisions about budgeting, saving, investing, and more financial activities that guide through solid financial citizenship. As financial behavior and interaction shift to a more digitized world, understanding fin-tech and blockchain is increasingly necessary. As there is no financial inclusion without financial literacy, this product is part of the financial inclusion mission to empower underserved communities with relevant financial knowledge and learning.

What this program offers is easily understandable courses in the shape of educational content lessons to all of our beneficiaries which will soon be available to all Libera users as it enables financial literacy surrounding blockchain for women, children, and low-income underbanked communities. This content allows them to better understand impactMarket’s partners’ projects contributing to their financial independence.

Learn & Earn is a great opportunity for mission-aligned partners to expand their reach, awareness, and engagement to a global scale in markets with an impressive potential for growth. It’s also a gateway for users from developing countries to discover new opportunities, technologies, and useful knowledge to have a more prosperous life.

Learn & Earn delivers short educational content presented in courses to impactMarket beneficiaries and, soon, to all Libera users. It’s conceived in response to the users’ need and interest in gaining financial literacy, aiming to better manage the amount of cryptocurrency received as UBI while leveraging the use of the Libera wallet.

impactMarket’s Learn & Earn stands out in several significant ways. Firstly, mission-aligned partners can access a rapidly expanding audience of individuals eager to learn about a financial system that is accessible to them. With more than 40,000 beneficiaries worldwide, impactMarket is currently the most widely used dApp on the Celo network. As a result, partners can access an audience that is often overlooked, directly contributing to bringing DeFi to the next billion while driving financial literacy and human empowerment.

Secondly, Learn & Earn courses are available to all impactMarket's beneficiaries through the dApp, which can be accessed on smartphones and desktops. Rewards can be easily redeemed via the crypto wallet Libera.

Finally, based on two years of experience operating in emerging markets, impactMarket's Learn & Earn is grounded in a user-centric approach, enabling impactMarket to help other projects craft the right message to engage a new and thriving audience.

Users are incentivized by earning rewards when successfully completing the courses. New engaging lessons are released every week, and new partnerships expand the possibilities of learning relevant topics in Web3 and other fields, always bringing useful knowledge that is applicable to their lives.

For more information and partnership inquiries, contact the impactMarket team at hello@impactmarket.com.

As the target audience expands, impactMarket supports more than 40,000 people daily, making it the most used dApp on the Celo network and providing the partners with an ever-growing audience that is not necessarily considered by other projects.

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