If you encounter any problem while contributing or claiming your $PACT governance token, please confirm that:
  • You are connected to Celo Main Network;
  • You have approved the cUSD transfer;
  • You have enough funds to contribute, including fees;
  • You give the system enough time to complete the action;
You can also try:
  • Disconnect and connect your wallet again;
  • Reload the page;
Known issues
  • Connect with WalletConnect;
  • Connect with Valora from a desktop browser, scanning the QR;
  • Your claimed $PACT governance tokens will be available in your wallet.
  • If you don't see your claimed token on Metamask, please import $PACT by clicking "Import Token" and use the $PACT contract address (0x46c9757c5497c5b1f2eb73ae79b6b67d119b0b58).
  • You can always check if you have claimed $PACT tokens by opening your wallet address on Celo explorer.​
  • You will only get rewards when donating directly to communities if done through the donation miner contract, and the community is in one of the formats that allow donors to get rewards (more here). Sending to community address isn't illegible for rewards. You can spot this difference on impactMarket apps if the option to donate has an approve/donate rather than just donate.
P.S: If the error persists, please contact us.