How to set up your wallet

To start using impactMarket you need to install both the impactMarket app (available for iOS and Android) and the Valora app.
Step 1 - Install Valora.
1 - Install the Valora app from the Google PlayStore. 2 - Enter your mobile number and name. 3 - Make a PIN (6 digits) and write down the password key (24 words) somewhere safe.
Step 2 - Install impactMarket
1 - Open the app and connect to Valora App. 2 - Click on your profile and complete the details. Step 3 - Inform us. Use the Google form link given to you to send this info:
1 - Your Valora Account Number (Tap to Copy) 2 - Your Mobile number. 3 - Your full name. Step 4 - We will notify you.
We will add your details to the impactMarket platform and notify you on the Whatsapp group. Once you are added, you will see a screen displaying the “Claim” button. Step 5 - Claim your daily income.
1 - Tap the “Claim” button on the impactMarket app once a week. 2 - The money will be stored in your Valora wallet.

👉 Download the one-pager