How can I claim UBI

Our purpose is to allow any vulnerable community to implement poverty alleviation mechanisms such as the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).
  • We fundraise and distribute in a transparent way through smart contracts
  • Download the app to be able to claim your UBI.
  • What you see is what you get! Use the UBI in the best way possible.

UBI Claiming

Step 1 - Be a beneficiary. If you live in vulnerable conditions and have the minimum required equipment, you are eligible to be part of the protocol and claim UBI.
Step 2 - Set up the apps. Your community manager will help you with this process. You need to create an account in the Valora app (impactMarket partner) and an account in the impactMarket app.
Step 3 - Claim your UBI UBI conditions were set with your community manager. All beneficiaries will be able to claim the same amount on a regular basis up to the total amount agreed per beneficiary.
Step 4 - Use your UBI The benefit is a direct donation, not a loan, and no one will owe anyone anything. You can use your UBI in what you consider most important to improve your life.
  • We depend on donations! There will be periods when the community contract will run out of funds. You just need to wait a few days and try to claim again.
  • If the agreement is 1$/day up to 365S, your UBI will last at least one year. So, if you don’t claim one day, the amount isn't cumulative but you won't lose the money. You will have one more day in the protocol to claim that value.
  • impactMarket reserves the right to immediately cease funding the community if any type of fraud is detected (eg the same person with different accounts), the system will be blocked, and ALL beneficiaries of the community will lose the benefits.

👉 Download the one-pager

UBI Claiming one-pager.
UBI Claiming one-pager.

Can't claim UBI?

There are multiple reasons why you can't claim your UBI allowance. Most of the time is because your community has run out of funds or you have been blocked from using the system.
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.