General Guidelines

Pay attention to these topics to keep your account safe and have the best app experience.

1 - Valora App

PIN - is the code that allows you to enter in the app.
Recovery Phrase - is a combination of 24 words that you should keep in a safe place. It’s your private key.
Don’t share it - it gives direct access to your money. In case you lose your cell phone, you will need this key to recover your account! There’s no other way to recover your money if you lose it!
Account address - is a public key that you can share to receive money or be added as a beneficiary.

2 - Your Cellphone Number

Make sure not to change your phone number during the program because your Valora account is associated with your cellphone number.

3 - Your Balance

You are holding cUSD - this is the equivalent of US dollars. The balance in your currency will fluctuate on the exchange rate.

4 - Suspicious Activity

Ensuring that impactMarket is free from bad actors is everyone’s responsibility. If you see suspicious activity, report it to us. All beneficiaries can report suspicious activity within the impactMarket app, by tapping the reporting icon on the top navigation. It is completely anonymous.

5 - Troubleshooting

To ensure proper functioning is important to keep your apps up-to-date with the latest version.
  • The app doesn’t work:

    • Check if there are any updates;

    • Disconnect - Clear cache from your cellphone - Connect again.
  • You can’t claim - probably your community contract run out of funds:
    • Please wait a few days, your community manager will give you all the information when funds will be available.

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