Donation Flow

How works the donation distribution through the DAO
Step 1. DONATION PROCESS The distribution of UBI depends on donations! The backers can donate directly to the smart contract of your community or the DAO treasury. "
Step 2. FUNDS DISTRIBUTION The DAO manages the process and triggers community managers when their community runs out of funds. The community manager just needs to press the button "request funds". The tranche amount to send each time to each community is calculated considering the number of beneficiaries, its UBI allowance, and how much was already sent by the DAO vs the Total raised to that community.
Step 3. THE DONATION FORMULA cUSD amount per community = number of beneficiaries * UBI allowance / (Total amount already sent by the DAO to that community / Total raised so far to that community) "
Step 4. YOUR UBI It is the amount of money that you will receive on a regular basis but depend on donations. If you can't claim, your community contract likely ran out of funds. You should wait a few days and try again.
Step 5.YOUR $PACT TOKEN Is the power that you have to change the protocol: Voting power delegation. Any token holder can delegate voting power to themselves, someone they trust, or key protocol participants. Communities’ verification and validation. Each new UBI community will be submitted as a proposal and reviewed by token holders, who can vote for its approval. Manage/Update key parameters, calculation formulas, treasury allocation, and incentives. "

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