Libera Crypto Wallet

Libera is the purpose-driven crypto wallet built by impactMarket on the Celo blockchain. Libera is your modern and inclusive gateway for your financial services. A crypto wallet that is easy to use, secure, lightweight, and with low fees.
We believe that blockchain doesn’t need to be complicated. Blockchain holds the potential to empower those financially underserved and unserved all over the world, and this is Libera's role as a key solution related to impactMarket. Libera enables you to safely keep and manage your crypto assets and do different transactions such as send and receive crypto, with a special highlight on the exclusive mechanism of claiming Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for impactMarket beneficiaries. Soon other features will be implemented, including easy access to cash-in and cash-out options, and staking of PACT tokens, among others.
Unlock your potential. Download Libera now on Play Store or App Store.