UBI Ecosystem

Unconditional Basic Income is a form of income that presupposes that a group of people has access, unconditionally, to sufficient recurring income to escape extreme conditions. It is a program in which every beneficiary receives a set amount of money regularly to improve life and financial autonomy.
impactMarket platform is an open, free, crowd finance infrastructure that allows anyone to send money to another in a transparent way, intermediaries-free (eg: no banks), instantly, and almost free of charge, regardless of country.

There are 4 different roles on impactMarket:

  • Community Manager: The person that submits the community for approval and manages all the community's beneficiaries. Other managers can be added to a community to support the beneficiaries. Learn how to create a community in impactMarket here.
  • Beneficiary: The person that will have access to UBI. Learn all about it here.
  • Donors: Those contributing and helping communities to strive and those who dare to dream. Learn how to donate on impactMarket here.
  • Merchants: Entities that will sell goods (food, electricity, water, etc.) to beneficiaries in exchange for cUSD.
Want to submit a new community to receive UBI? Get to know everything here.

How we raise funds

  • Foundations/Grants: our fundraising team works directly with foundations and applies for multiple grants
  • Companies: to support their strategy of social responsibility
  • Partners: we count on several mission-aligned web3 projects that donate part of their profits to impactMarket communities
  • NGOs: many organizations use our protocol to distribute their own funds and/or support us in fundraising for their communities
  • Individuals: donating to the communities; supporting crowdfunding campaigns; highlighting our communities on social media; etc