What is cUSD?

The currency used as the basis for all transactions is the US dollar, represented by cUSD. cUSD is a cryptocurrency, which operates on the Celo network, and is worth $1. These currencies can be converted, at any time, into dollars.

Where can I use cUSD?

You can use cUSD with any partner or payment processor that accepts cUSD directly. Alternatively, Valora has the option to buy or sell CELO with cUSD. CELO is also available on several exchanges.

How to convert Celo/cUSD to my local currency?

At Valora, you can buy CELO with a debit or credit card and then sell it for cUSD (Celo Dollar). There are also several exchanges like Coinbase where you can get CELO and send it to your Valora or sell CELO for US dollars. However, anyone can exchange cUSD with another person for the local currency. If you are a beneficiary, look for your community manager who can help you with this process.