How to exchange cUSD

We have listed here different options according to your needs:

Buy cUSD directly on Celo via a third-party

There are multiple service providers that offer the possibility to directly buy cUSD into your wallet (make sure you are on the celo network). Few examples:

Withdraw from a centralized exchange

cUSD is listed on several exchanges worldwide, such as KuCoin, Bittrex, and Okcoin. You should be able to withdraw the cUSD back into your own personal wallet.

Bridge tokens from Polygon, Ethereum, or Solana to Celo

If you already hold digital tokens on Polygon, Ethereum, or Solana, you can move them to Celo. You can use the official Optics bridge through either Mobius or through Ubeswap:
Supported assets:
  • Ethereum - Celo: USDC (US Dollar Coin), WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), wETH (Wrapped Ether)
  • Polygon - Celo: USDC
  • Solana - Celo: USDC, SOL, and others.
Note: transfers will take approximately 4 hours (or more). After bridging, you will have to swap the bridged token into cUSD. See the next option.

Swap on a decentralized exchange on Celo

If you already hold other assets on Celo (e.g. CELO or cUSDC or cETH or pUDSC or another token), you can use Ubeswap or Mobius exchange to easily swap them for cUSD. You will need a very small amount of CELO to pay for the transaction costs.