How to make an impact

How to become a donor

Why donate through impactMarket?

We encourage self-sustainability and promote access to financial inclusivity in an efficient Money Management way that the beneficiaries have an active role - when they need it, they claim—a borderless and censorship-resistant reach.
The donation process through a decentralized organization like ours has no fees and real-time data. It is also secure and effective, being unidirectional from donor to beneficiary, in which transactions take one second to be concluded. Everything is automatic through a smartphone.

How to donate?

By donating to the DAO, anyone who wishes to contribute will be donating to the treasury. Therefore, the funds received will be used as a reserve to support communities in urgent need and help those who dare to dream, with complete transparency and no intermediaries. The donations to the DAO in cUSD will make the backer (the person who donated) eligible to receive $PACT tokens as a reward. This is called “impact farming.”
Donations to the DAO can also be made through any other assets. However, only donations in cUSD are eligible for rewards.
This is still possible if you wish to donate using BTC or ETH. Your donation will be converted to cUSD over time to fund communities in need. However, you won’t be eligible to impact farming mechanisms and, therefore, won’t receive $PACT tokens as rewards for your contribution.

👉See the one-pager on how donation distribution works through the DAO.