Staking PACT

What is impactMarket Staking?

It is a mechanism that allows you to get extra rewards from holding your $PACT. 24h after your donation, your $PACT tokens are allocated to you, and you can stake them.

Can I choose the amount of $PACT that I want to stake?

Yes, if you have $PACT tokens in your wallet and you want to stake them right after the allocation of the tokens (24h after your donation), you need to stake the total amount of your impact farming rewards.

What are the staking rewards?

The staking rewards are $PACT.

When do I receive my staking rewards?

Every day you get rewards that are allocated at the end of each epoch.

Where I will receive my staking rewards?

Your staking rewards will be shown as rewards on the impact farming page. You have two options: 1) claim your staking rewards to your wallet (15 epochs after allocation); 2) Staking your staking rewards immediately after the allocation.

What is the APR (Annual Percentage Rate)?

APR varies every day since it depends on the user's staking amount and donations.

Is APR going to change over time?


Can I unstake my $PACT tokens?

Yes, at any time and any amount but with a minimum waiting/cooldown time of 15 epochs.

How can I unstake my tokens?

First, you need to unstake them, and 15 epochs after, you will be able to claim your unstaken tokens.

Is there any lock-up period on impactMarket staking?

No. You can unstake your tokens immediately, but their allocation to your account takes 15 epochs.

When will I receive my unstaken tokens?

15 epochs after you ask to unstake them, your tokens will be available. After that, you need to go to the website and claim your tokens. They won´t be sent to your wallet directly!

What difference is between “claim” or “stake” my $PACT tokens?

If you claim, that's it! You can use your $PACT to trade or keep them to vote on protocol proposals. On the other hand, staking gives you an extra $PACT, even if you don't donate more. Anyway, the rewards of staking are higher when you donate.

What is the difference between my impact farming rewards and my impact staking rewards?

The impact farming rewards are the $PACT token that you get after a donation. You get rewards allocated to you for the next 30 days after your donation that you can claim every 15 epochs after the allocation.
The impact staking rewards are extra $PACT tokens that you get from holding your $PACT and staking them. You get interested every day that you have tokens staked, and your rewards can be claimed every 15 epochs after allocation.

Do I lose voting power when I stake my $PACT?

No. Let's say you have 10K PACT in your wallet. You decide to stake it. When doing so, you are sending the 10k PACT from your wallet to the staking contract, and in return, the staking contract gives you 10k SPACT. This new token, SPACT, can be used for voting. This is mainly to prevent you from losing voting power. At any moment, you can unstake. When unstaking, the staking contract burns your SPACT and gives you your 10K PACT again (or whatever you decide to unstake).

What are the advantages of staking my $PACT?

  • Daily rewards based on how much PACT is staked: For example, if someone has 1M PACT staked, it will account, for the calculation formula, as a $1 cUSD (Celo Dollar) contribution on each epoch while those tokens are staked, even if no contribution was made in the previous 30 epochs.
  • Earning interest 24h after your donation: Before you are able to claim your $PACT rewards, you can already stake them! So you are earning interest after 24 hours of $PACT allocation.
  • COMING SOON | Multiplier effect on donations: For example, if someone donates $100 cUSD and has 2M PACT staked (& there are 10M PACT staked in total), it will add a 20% markup/premium effect on the amount donated. Meaning that it will be considered as a $120 cUSD contribution for the calculation of the daily PACT rewards allocation.

How can I get the most from my $PACT rewards?

If you donate + stake, you will get more rewards than just donating or just staking.