Why is the application giving an error when trying to claim funds?

First, you need to check the internet connection signal, if everything is right, there are 3 steps to follow:
1 - Open your Impactmarket app, Go to your Profile, and Logout. Then restart your cell phone and reconnect the impactMarket app with Valora.
2- Go to the configuration of your mobile device. Open Applications, Select Impactmarket, Clear cache, and Clear data. After doing this, restart your phone and try again. If necessary, do the same with the value. (IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE 24 VALOR SAFETY WORDS SAVED FOR THE NEED TO RESTORE YOUR ACCOUNT AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM).
3 - Open your Valora app, Open the left menu, pick configuration and RESET THE VALUE. (ALWAYS HAVE YOUR 24 SECURITY WORDS IN HANDS) and restore your Valora account.

Can I transfer my account to someone else?

impactMarket accounts are for individuals and are non-transferable. If you no longer want to be part of a community and leave impactMarket, inform the community manager so that he can remove you from the project and use the vacancy for another person who meets the criteria.

Account blocked

If your account is blocked it means that it was flagged by our anti-fraud system because some suspicious activity happened. If you think this was an error, please contact your community managers.

App is out-of-date

To ensure proper functioning is important to keep your app up-to-date with the latest developments.

Action is taking too long

When an interaction with Valora is taking too long, there's likely just one reason: the request was missed, and nothing is happening. We recommend you close all apps and start again. Often, on low-end devices, opening Valora first helps to solve the problem.

App is restarting

Depending on the device, it might not be able to handle too many apps at once. Also, some devices might be configured to run only one app at a time, so every app that goes into the background is eventually closed. This is an issue with the device, which we can't control. A possible solution is to close all apps, and delete some apps if possible. The last resource would be to reset the phone (make sure you have your account backup).