Unconditional Basic Income


I haven't been able to claim funds for over a month. What should I do?

First of all, you should talk with the community manager so that he identifies the problem. If the Manager is unable to help you, please send us a ticket reporting the problem so that we can help.

If I don't claim today, will I be able to claim twice tomorrow?

No. The claim amount isn't cumulative, it's the amount received for each claim the beneficiary does. The waiting time is the minimum a beneficiary has to wait to claim again, but he can wait much longer. UBI contracts have two parameters that define the interval between claims. The "base interval" and the "increment interval". The base interval is the base to be used on every interval. We have two base intervals, daily and weekly. And the increment interval is the interval incremented on top of the previous minimum interval each time the beneficiary claims. For example, with a daily base interval and 5 minutes increment, the first time, the beneficiary has to wait at least 24 hours, the second time 24 hours and 5 minutes, the third time 24 hours and 10 minutes, and so on. But this is the minimum interval. If the second time the beneficiary waits 49 hours, the beneficiary will be able to claim normally the amount specified on the UBI to each claim and the next minimum time is 24 hours and 10 minutes.

Until when will this impactmarket community funds exist?

Each community is unique and has its own established rules. You can get all information about the community contract on the community page on the app or on the website.

Why does the community go so long without funds?

Backers are the persons responsible for placing funds in a community. It is necessary to understand that backers can monitor the community and they are always observing if the community is evolving or if some type of fraud is happening between members and managers. This will ultimately determine which community they want to invest in.

Can it change the value that beneficiaries receive in the community?

The Backer and the Manager are the people responsible for determining the amount that the beneficiaries will receive and for how long at the time of the creation of the community, and they may agree to increase or decrease the amount during the period (Remembering that each beneficiary receive a pre-defined value when creating the community)

I started working and I don't need the UBI anymore, what should I do?

Great! It was very good to be part of your financial freedom! Now that you are no longer part of the project, communicate with the community manager so that he can remove you from the community and pass the vacancy to another person in need.

Can I save the money and withdraw it only the following month?

The money is yours, and you can choose to use it without any interference.

Can I look for another company to "exchange" my cUSD for real?

impactMarket does not interfere at any time with how beneficiaries use their money. Feel free to enjoy your allowance as you see fit.

My Community Manager is charging a percentage to participate in the project, what should I do?

No type of charge is allowed to beneficiaries to participate in the project, whatever it may be: photos, documentation, percentage, satisfaction and etc.

I think the Manager is committing some fraud, what should I do?

You can contact us through our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), by joining the conversation on Telegram, or by submitting a ticket. Everything said will remain anonymous and impactMarket will not share with anyone.

Can I participate in 2 communities at the same time?

No, it is only allowed to participate in one community. If the system identifies that the beneficiary is in 2 communities, it will be classified as fraud, and the community may have its funding canceled.

I participate in one community and another person in my house is in another.

Only one beneficiary per residence/family is allowed. If the system identifies that more than one person in the same residence receives the allowance, it will be classified as fraud and the community may have its funding canceled.

I have identified that there is some kind of fraud within my community, what should I do?

You can contact us anonymously by submitting a ticket or contacting the country manager directly. Everything you will tell us will not be shared with anyone.