Buy/Stake $PACT
Besides getting $PACT as a reward when contributing through impact Farming, you can also: Stake your $PACT and get extra rewards by earning interest after 24 hours of allocation.
Here is everything you need to know and check our FAQs for more.

How do I stake my $PACT tokens?

Option 1: If you have $PACT tokens in your wallet, you can stake a partial or total amount on this page.
Option 2: You can stake the total amount of tokens allocated to you 4h hours after your donation on this page:
Option 3: If you don´t have $PACT tokens, you can donate here ( and get $PACT as a reward (after that, stake them), or you can buy $PACT tokens to stake them.

How can I buy $PACT tokens

Find it listed on
PACT-CELO liquidity mining
impactMarket price today, PACT to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap
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How do I stake my $PACT tokens?
How can I buy $PACT tokens